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Culver’s Hours

Welcome to Culver’s Hours, The Ultimate Guide to Discovering When Culver’s is Open! If that is the case, then you have arrived at the right location. This webpage has Culver’s opening and closing times.

The information that may be seen on this page was taken directly from the official Culver website. You may acquire further details by going to the official website.

In this article, I’ll discuss Culver’s Hours.

culver's Hours

Culver’s Hours & Day

Days Opening time Closing time
Monday 10:30A.M 10:00P.M
Tuesday 10:30A.M 10:00P.M
Wednesday 10:30A.M 10:00P.M
Thursday 10:30A.M 10:00P.M
Friday 10:30A.M 10:00P.M

 Hours on Saturday and Sunday

For the most recent information, check out the official website as Culver’s hours vary per location. On weekends, the majority of eateries are open throughout the same hours.

Saturday 10:30A.M 10:00P.M
Sunday 10:30A.M 10:00P.M

Culver’s Holiday Hours

New Year’s Day January 1 Open
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday 47 days before Easter Open
Cinco de Mayo May 5 Open
Easter Sunday April 17 Closed
St. Patrick’s Day March 17 Open
Valentine’s Day February 14 Open
Veterans Day November 11 Open
Christmas Day April 15 Closed
Memorial Day Last Monday in May Open
Independence Day July 4 Open
Cyber Monday Monday after Thanksgiving Open
Good Friday December 25 Open
Thanksgiving Day Last Thursday in November Closed
Halloween October 31 Open
Presidents Day February 15 Open
Labor Day 1st Monday in September Open

It is closed only on holidays that fall below.

  • Easter Sunday
  • Christmas Day
  • Thanksgiving Day

About Culver’s

Typically owned by and situated in the nation’s Midwestern area is the well-known fast-service restaurant business Culver’s. Run by Culver Franchising System, LLC

Along with Craig Culver, Lea Culver, George Culver, and Ruth Culver founded the business. In Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, the company is headquartered. Joe Koss serves as CEO.
Along with Craig Culver, Lea Culver, George Culver, and Ruth Culver founded the business. 

Culver’s Near Me

Contact Information

Culver’s Corporate Office Address: 1240 Water Street, Prairie du Sac, WI 53578

Culver’s Corporate Phone Number:608-643-7982

Official Website


In conclusion, “Culver’s Hours” refers to the operating hours of Culver’s, a fast-food restaurant chain.

It is crucial to verify the hours of operation prior to visiting a restaurant to make sure that it’s open and offering food.


What are Culver’s hours of operation?

The hours of operation at Culver differ by location, but the majority of establishments are operating from 10:30 am until 10:00 pm from Monday to Thursday.

What time does Culver’s open and close?

Culver’s usually opens around 10:30 am and then closes around 10:00 pm.

Does Culver have reduced hours on weekends?

There is no, Culver’s typically maintains the same operating hours on weekends, just as they do during the week.

Are Culver’s hours of operation affected by holidays?

Yes, Culver’s hours of operation may be affected by holidays. It’s best to check the hours of your local Culver’s restaurant to see if they have any special holiday hours.

How can I find the hours of my local Culver’s restaurant?

You can check the timings of your nearby Culver’s restaurant by going to their website or phone number directly to the restaurant.

Does Culver’s offer breakfast?

Culver’s doesn’t offer breakfast on their menu.

What is the latest time I can order food at Culvers?

The latest time to get food from Culver’s is usually 10:45 pm, but this can vary depending on where you are.

Does Culver’s offer drive-through service?

Most Culver’s locations provide drive-thru service to make your life easier.

Can I place an order for pickup or delivery?

Yes, you are able to place an order for delivery or pickup on Culver’s site or the mobile app.

Does Culver’s offer catering services?

Culver’s caters to special occasions and parties. Contact Culver’s at your nearest Culver’s Restaurant for further details.